Studies are boring. Even the topper of the class, if asked about the most boring part of his school or college life, the answer would be studying. Maza Hi Nahi Aata

Let us think about the people in the corporates. Day and Night they want to work to earn the monthly salary for themselves. Do they study? The answer is “YES”. Are they feeling bored? The majority of the replies will come, “NO”

So, what is the issue? When we are students, we find the studies to be boring and when we are working for the corporates and are advised to study, we say why not!!

The difference is the reward. In the companies, we get monthly salary and the possibility of high growth and where our efforts are going to get rewarded. In school and colleges, we put effort but the reward comes according to our performance in written or another kind of exam.

This means the boring part is not Studies, it is the reward that makes the studies boring. therefore try to focus on the long-term rewards. if we study hard that will help us to get into our dream job or business and that can help us get the monetary rewards and again with new enthusiasm, we can start studying those boring subjects which are actually boring but helps to bring the desired reward.

Nothing is Boring. Keep Studying. Good Luck

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