बैठे बैठे क्या करें करना है कुछ काम

चलो लिखो कुछ ऐसा जो आये सबके काम!!

When we start writing a blog, the first question which comes to our mind is, “What is a blog?”

We see may people who are writing great blogs and wining hearts of millions. But what they are actually writing to be called a blog.  If we check the google meaning of the word blog, it means writing something on regular basis on one’s website. Means, it has to be written regularly.

When I wanted to start writing something, I also had same question and after going through multiple blogs on different issues, it became easier to understand that what we observe, what we experience, what we experiment or what we learn, if we are willing to share those with people around in our way and in a conversation style, it becomes a blog.

In our field of expertise or learning, what we come across and find good to share, we should update the same on our website and share with many people who might be searching for the same elsewhere.

It is good to know that many times, many people across the world are thinking on the same topic to write a blog, it does not mean you do not write on the same topic.  You never know that your way of writing the same is more acceptable than others. Never underestimate the power of your own writing.

You have an idea, observation, experience, experiment, or any learning, let it be shared among people. Who knows whom it can become beneficial to!

If you feel anything to be added, feel free to comment in the Read more.

Happy Blogging !!


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